We are a Pacific Pride Franchisee for Cardlock Sales.

Take Pride... and Take Charge

Whatever mix or quantity of trucks, vans and cars make up your service fleet, you'll have better control of operating costs - and run leaner than your competitors - when your drivers make their pit stops at Shuster Oil Co., a Pacific Pride enabled location.

The Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling System is a fast-growing nationwide network of 24-hour fully automated fueling stations, and offers unsurpassed convenience and cost-accountability from a single, reliable source of credit and billing.

Modern, clean and well-lighted, our location is open around-the-clock, 365 days a year, which means no time is lost searching for fuel on weekends or after hours. Because we service mainly commercial customers your drivers seldom encounter lines, and can usually finish at the pump quickly, and get back to business fast.

Security, Control and Accountability: it's all in the cards

You'll be issued special Access Cards encoded with billing and security numbers for every authorized driver or vehicle in your company. It works like an automated bank teller card; when the card is inserted into the fueling site's optical reader, the driver enters purchase information which is automatically fed into our computer system. Then your driver simply selects the type of fuel desired, fills up, and drives away. Thereafter, a full description of the transaction is sent to you along with your billing.

Our site dispenses gasoline and diesel fuel. Motor oil and various lubricants are also available.

No lost receipts with our itemized billing

To help you gain control over the buying practices of your drivers. There are no lost receipts or unauthorized purchases to worry about. We issue a comprehensive statement to your company that simplifies bookkeeping and improves your control by providing the following facts: vehicle and purchase details, including vehicle number, driver's identification, time and location of the transaction. You'll know the type of product, unit price and quantity purchased.

Unlike other fleet fueling options, our access cards can be used only to obtain fuel or motor oil. This increases purchasing control, reduces cash outflow to cover fueling expenses, and, thanks to enhanced accountability, should result in significant long-term savings.

So don't be fueled by imitators.

Discover what control, convenience and closely managed purchasing can do to improve the cost efficiency of your fueling. For more information on available sites to fuel your vehicles, click the Pacific Pride logo below.